Architectural Aluminium Systems

We stock a wide range of architectural aluminium systems, hardware and general engineering profiles including: Crealco Casement window systems 30.5, 36, 38, Sheerline / Crealco clip 44 shopfronts, Vistafold sliding folding doors, 500 series, 540 series and Elite horizontal sliding windows, 700 series patio door, Crealco Palace Multi High Performance Sliding Door, New York Balustrade, various louvers, flats, angles, u-channels, round, square and rectangular tubes, and CW60 Vistawall. We also keep stock of standard-sized patio doors, side lights and shower doors which are not directly available to the public.

Custom Die Manufacturing

ANSO Aluminium also offers a custom die manufacturing service that considers customers’ specific requirements with regard to profile design, from drawing and design stage, die cutting, extruding and finishing to after-sales service.

Operating Hours
Monday to Thursday: 08h00 – 16h30
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